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Who We Are

The “Organik” Team

Julien Brandt

Julien Brandt

CEO (“Cultivator of Excellence Online”)

With a background in webdesign, marketing and business, Organik SEO founder Julien Brandt was destined for a career in online marketing.

Starting his career as a real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe CA, Julien quickly became regarded as the go-to online specialist that fellow agents sought out to revamp their approach to Internet marketing. It wasn’t long before he realized he was far more interested in helping to define and implement online strategies than in selling properties himself. In 2007 he began a thriving online marketing business serving the real estate industry.

At the same time, having been raised in a family that embraced solar power and locally grown food decades before the mainstream, Julien had a personal passion for environmental awareness and eco-friendly and organic brands.

It was this combination of Internet savvy and commitment to to the green industry that inspired Julien to found OrganikSEO in 2008 as an online marketing company geared towards serving local businesses and green and organic companies.

“Traditional methods of marketing cast a broad net (AKA Broadcast marketing), which isn’t a cost effective or strategic approach — especially for companies in a very specific niche like many green companies are,” explains Julien. “What excites our team at Organik is the challenge of putting our client’s brands in front of the specific people that will benefit from their products or services, at the exact moment when they are open to learning more about them. Then, we ensure that the client has the online presence in a website and social media to help close the sale and instill consumer confidence in the company. It’s a winning formula that is helping green businesses build significant market share, which is something that I am very proud to be a part of.”

Julien graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a Business Minor from San Diego State University.

DJ Shirley HeadshotDJ Shirley

Local Search Campaign Manager

As a native San Diegan currently finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University, DJ Shirley is a local search specialist. He understands the small business marketplace and how green businesses can position themselves online to compete most effectively. DJ oversees all local search optimization accounts.

“Personally, I’m very active in the green movement,” says DJ. “I’m very happy to have found a role at Organik that allows me both to help green businesses grow, and at the same time actively contribute to the development of the local economy in my hometown.”

DJ’s knowledge of the industry also includes web research best practices and social media trends.

Akili Wachspress

Web Developer

Akili is in charge of all web development and design at OrganikSEO. He creates custom websites and designs and develops custom social media channels. Akili has diverse experience with a number of different art forms ranging from ceramics to web design, curatorial practices to color theory and everything in between. Akili graduated from San Diego State University in May of 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences,  with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking. After a brief stint as an intern at OrganikSEO he quickly proved himself and assumed the position of lead developer.

Akili’s vision is closely aligned with that of OrganikSEO because of his upbringing.

“I was raised in Northern California by two very green conscious parents in the small town of Ukiah. My mother worked for several years at a company called Real Goods which is known for running entirely off of solar power and selling products and solutions for upgrading your lifestyle to solar power… Because of this I have always been the guy that turns off every light that doesn’t need to be on as I walk through a room. I am all for supporting small businesses devoted to a green standard and helping them to grow.”

Julien Brandt

Wendi Littlefield

Content Development

Organik SEO provides content development services through a strategic partnership with Evergreen Marketing Communications. Evergreen founder Wendi Littlefield has been developing web content for green and other socially conscious brands for nearly 15 years. More than just a copywriter, Wendi is a branding and marketing communications expert who has worked with a wide-range of non-profit and for-profit organizations to help define, grow and solidify each entity’s public profile.

“I’ve helped businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes tell their stories,” says Wendi. “But working with green industry organizations who are completely transforming the way we live is truly the most exciting and rewarding work I’ve ever done. I am passionate about helping good-for-the-world-businesses build the brand platform they need to establish market leadership and take sustainability into the mainstream.”

Wendi graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from Miami University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.


Organik SEO FarmerMr Organik

Company Mascot

Mr. Organik is a humble man. Until recently he lived a simple life running an organic farm stand on the outskirts of his property with his wife and kids. A few months back Mr. Organik was approached by OrganikSEO.com to help deliver the company’s message about growing green businesses to the marketplace.

In addition, Mr. Organik’s property made a perfect backdrop for OrganikSEO.com’s new homepage.

“After a few sleepless nights and a few days getting to know the team at Organik SEO I decided that I’d like nothing more than to lend my support to an environmentally conscious company made up of like-minded honest, fun, charming, professionals,” explained Mr. Organik. “It’s been an amazing ride. Even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the fame and popularity that comes with being associated with OrganikSEO.com. These days it’s hard to walk into town or browse Facebook without seeing my picture or being approached by people that recognize me… I had no idea these guys had so many raving fans.”